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Old Logs:


June 2016


It has been hard for a swarm to quickly create instructional content accurately and with enough detail to guide the end user to quality. This is due, in part, to the style of the swarm; a swarm structure alteration can produce higher quality results with equal human hours.

Instead of groups focusing on machine components, groups should focus on operations required in the fabrication of components and their assembly.

  • fastener lengths,
  • weld parameters and technique,
  • inventory required(component BOM)
  • Assembly steps
  • Workspace preparation
  • Tools required

The page in the build manual becomes a modular space....

  • Assembly pictures are dimension XXX, XXX
  • Other specifications listed above are saved within blocks, segments of the page...

Low Res Mod Instructional ex.jpg
Split up in to groups that will focus on one of these instructional elements, now referred to as data blocks. Generate a data block of your group's focused type for every component of a machine. A machine's designer/design team can assist a swarm in understanding which data blocks are necessary for a complete build manual. To expedite the process, a designer/design team can populate a list of required data blocks, i.e. "Brick Press Hopper:Fasteners Required" - the data block showing fasteners required.

The first step is to create a set of page templates with varying amounts of data blocks. No need to cram data blocks onto a single page. For slides requiring over 5 data blocks, a separate page is created with all of the smaller data blocks.

May 2016


Opportunity for income: It is feasible to generate an income by operating a fabrication shop that proactively invests in community outreach


Fabrication shop by day... 8:30 to 5:00PM ... Design, build, sell,repair, and find markets for eco-friendly,

open source  technology such as
 Industrial Food Scrap Composter
 Hydraulic Compressed Earth Block Press
 Water Wheel Transplanter
 Mobile Biodiesel Processor
 Geoff Lawton Style Biochar Kiln

 Welding and Job Shop Capabilities
  Mobile Welding Outfit
  Machine shop
Community technology resource three nights per week .. 6:00 to 10PM ... Preparation, hosting, and facilitation of 
educational workshops
 Open Source Ecology Build Workshops
 Free time in machine shop (subscription based or scholarship on case by case basis)
 Demonstrations of technology
 Badge based tool access 

Community center has separate finances. Grant funding. Fund Drives. Partial funding from machine shop. Subscription based. 
2 bay garage or 1 large garage ~1200/month
Machine shop: 15k invest
Welding outfit: 2-5k invest
Staff of 4 to 5.
 Staff and volunteers participate in community outreach

October 2015

Communication with Klemen about his replication of ad7747 based capacitive sensor. He is getting lots of noise. Not sure how to isolate it. Please advise Paul the wise


April 2015


DropBox Folder with solidworks files and a BOM. In progress as of this post. Sorry none of the files can be opened with open source software (yet)


Been working on a Biodiesel Processor contained in an aluminum frame cargo trailer design. Link to dropbox folder coming once I organize it all.

Here is a theoretical approach to quick making 55 gallon drum cones. File:55 Gallon Drum Bent Cone.pdf