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Kit build went well. There were missing parts (not printed) that were substituted (first picture in video above), and some issues:

  1. LCD did not work
  2. LCD location on control panel was in the way of the cable chain due to old documentation (main documentation has been since updated)
  3. Printed carriages needed cleaning
  4. There was an additional hole in the front frame piece which marcin mistook for a Z axis hole, only to find out that it did not have the opposing hole, and this resulted in a build error. I had to redrill a hole for the second Z.
  5. Frame had old epoxy on it. Had to clean it with a knife and grinder.
  6. It turns out that 8 mm shafts were tight. I replaced X and Y shafts with 5/16" shafts. This issue may depend on filament and printer - for the printed part quality. I left the Z axes at 8 mm - but needed extra glide on X and Y for speed.
  7. Back bottom Z axis hole was too far down for the Z axis to fit - had to redrill the hole higher.
  8. Two bed standoff nuts did not fit on 8 mm rods - used other nuts
  9. Wire on the Z probe connector - excessively long, had to wrap up many more times in the final wiring. Works, but took more time.
  10. Control panel - MOSFET too close to USB plug - needs to go a little to the right, and need to correct instructions. Also, needs 3rd mounting hole on MOSFET so the MOSFET doesn't slouch forward.
  11. Spool holder pieces had to be reamed out (heated then set on rods)
  12. PEI was already attached. Should be left for the builder.
  13. End stop holders need modification, Both holes do not fit - one hole only is glued. Had to scrape mid of endstop to make it fit (missed this in Sara's build evaluation)
  14. Wire of power supply needs to point sideways, not down (same issue in Sara's)