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This applies to Dedicated Project Visits on site at Factor e Farm, as well as to Dedicated Remote Collaboration.

Identity of Parties, Duration, Commencement, and Dissolution

This is an independent work agreement between Marcin Jakubowski (FeF), and Andrew Bates (DPV participant), regarding a working visit at Factor e Farm for the primary pupose of Documentation - including technical video instructionals production, blogging, video editing, and contribution to a video repository.

Arrival. DPV participant covers their own airfare to Kansas City International (KCI), and also covers any return trip costs. FeF will pick up Andrew from the airport.

Duration - the intended period of this agreement is for 3 months from the date of arrival, with arrival on ___15th______ of April, 2012. This contract may be extended or renegotiated at the end of the 3 month period.

Monthly working period shall be measured from the date of arrival at KCI.

The minimum condition of satisfaction for fulfilling this contract is delivery of the Base Weekly Work Plan below. FeF may terminate this contract if the minimum condition of satisfaction is not met, and payment shall be pro-rated based on the delivery of the Base Weekly Work Plan. There may be cases where DPV participant is destructive to the morale, culture, or focus of the community (violating the basic principle of absolute creative approach for solving pressing world issues) - in which the participant may also be asked to leave. In case of the DPV participant deciding to leave the contract prematurely, the participant is required to provide 2 weeks' written notice and payment shall be pro-rated based on the delivery of the Base Weekly Work Plan. If participant fails to provide 2 weeks' written notice, he will not receive payment for that month. Upon the DPV participant deciding to leave, he may take as long as needed to make proper arrangements, with the requirement that the participant volunteer 6 hours of work per day until the day he leaves - unless requested to leave sooner.

Requirements of each party

  • Unfurnished accommodations will be provided. FeF will provide bedding or any related furnishings via crowdsourcing from supporters with assistance from DPV participant.
  • FeF will provide utilities and internet. We are off-grid, so energy conservation is important, and the DPV participant agrees to turn off lights and computers whenever not in use. Participant agrees to have their energy consumption monitored electronically upon indication of irresponsible energy use.
  • The DPV participant is expected to cover their own food expenses. There is a grocery store 1 mile away. DPV is encouraged to participate in on-site food production to lower their food expenses. We aim to have a significant portion of the diet covered by this year pending success of recruiting a full-time farmer for managing chickens, cows, garden, and orchard.
  • The entertainment provided is quiet existence in farm country. The DPV participant agrees to stay on site for the work week, and may travel for outside entertainment on weekends.
  • The work week involves:
    • Documenting the daily Scrum effort in the workshop throughout key points in the day, or any other relevant activity - towards full documentation of project progress.
    • Suggested documentation strategy involves small clips with diverse content rather than fewer longer clips.
    • Nightly upload of 500MB of select raw footage to YouTube or other suitable repository (please check in with Ian) is required in off-hours, M-F, (regular upload started at night every day for 2-5 hours of upload time) to promote remote video editing by guest contributors. This is intended to involve remote assistance in video editing. We currently have a 3MB DSL line, upgradeable to 4MB.
    • In absence of ED from premises, the DPV participant shall use vlog footage to communicate missing information.
  • Saturdays involve group work of site cleanup, lunch with visitors if any visitors signed up for a work day, house construction for new participants, or seasonal agriculture plantout/harvest - unless otherwise noted. Work hours on Saturday are for 6 hours when the above tasks are needed - which is expected to be about 50% of all Saturdays, but may be as much as every Saturday if
  • Sunday is rest day, and we encourage relaxation and contemplation.
  • The DPV participant must adhere to the Factor e Farm Rules of Conduct
  • The DPV participant should complete the work plan shown below, and engages with ED on strategic planning on video/communications production as needed.

Work Plan

The base weekly work plan is: the production of 2 quality short videos (typically 2-10 minutes) per week + weekly blog post + nightly upload (in addition to Documentation Standards).

Secondary work is fostering collaboration with remote editors - to develop a cloud team of supporters who can assist with script writing, editing, animation, graphics, and other assets. We already have playlists that can be upgraded to more interesting videos.

Optimal scenario for every week: 2 videos produced on site + 2 quality videos created via cloud collaboration.

The work plan for the first month is, on a weekly basis:

  1. Production of a Weekly Update Blog Post
  2. Documentation of prototyping, agriculture, construction, natural history, and other activities at Factor e Farm
  3. Appriximately 2 videos per week - including one Weekly Update, and one technical documentation or more artistic piece.
  4. Script writing for Instructionals and Weekly updates
  5. Technical documentation of machines (measurements or 3D scans taken for CAD purposes) and video instructionals.
  6. Production of explainer videos - such as an explainer on organization, scaling, or other immediately relevant issues

Other tasks may include:

  1. Assistance in script writing for presentations.
  2. Pairing with other members of the onsite team is encouraged.
  3. Assistance in developing organizational strategy.
  4. Microtasking - picking up any small tasks from the backlog via crowdsource contributions.

General expectations include:

  1. A general interest in helping to make this the most collaborative and impactful project in the world
  2. Being part of a dynamic learning community
  3. Profound ethical motivation for making a better world

Documentation Standards

A DPV position is a full time effort, and all full time people are required to spend 15 minutes per day to document ongoing progress. All progress is visible to the world from the XM Project Page, to which the DPV participant must contribute regularly. The purpose is to allow the global community to track, assess, and become involved in the progress of each project with zero barrier to entry. The intent is to increase velocity by involving both the on-site FeF Team and the global community.

The DPV participant must bring a smart phone for video documentation, unless it is agreed that FeF will provide a smart phone for vlogging. DPV participant must submit an introductory 1-2 minute video to Marcinose youtube, and a short blog post summarizing this work agreement, date of arrival, tasks, or other comments - to be published on the FeF blog prior to arrival as a Guest - to share the excitement with the world. Please save the blog post for approval by FeF.

Documentation requirements include:

  • The Daily Standup - eveyone participates. It will be uploaded to YouTube, and each person reports on progress - work done yesterday, plan for today, issues encountered.
  • A daily vlog, should not be longer than 1 minute in length. The focus of the Vlog will be updates on progress, with a particular focus on inviting collaboration and suggestion of ways to get involved - starting with putting tasks on the Task Board and executing them in order for a person to join the team. The vlog should be uploaded via smart phone to marcinose YouTube. The Control Interface feeds this automatically into the 8th window of the Aaron_log/XM_Project_Page_Prototype_2. The DPV participant will obtain access to the marcinose YouTube channel and upload. Remote participants may participate in the Daily Standup by joining an online video conference channel.
  • Task Board. Participant is required to track tasks on the Task Board by writing down tasks in To Do column, and acting on tasks - In Progress, then requesting Verification from Product Owner, and then placing tasks in the Done column. The Done column is erased after every Sprint, and all tasks tracked remain in the Status Log.
  • Status Log. All Completed tasks are logged in the Status Log. All steps will be documented in the main log sheet, and the main log sheet log will be fed automatically into a separate sheet for each person - to distinguish contributions by team member for easy assessment of velocity. This is the place where every single person should have one or more tasks done every day, and completions should be transparent for immediate assessment of every team member by anyone.
  • Work Product. The results of a DPV's work should also be in the Status Log as an actual link to wiki page, or other resource.

Financial Terms

The compensation to the DPV participant shall be $2000 (two thousand US dollars) per month, payable at the end of the month. If the agreement is dissoved, partial payment will be made to the DPV participant pro-rated by the base delivery schedule expected in a month of work. The DPV participant shall make a $300 damage deposit at the beginning of the DPV to cover any damages to FeF property caused by DPV participant's negligence. The DPV participant certifies here that he has sufficient resources for return travel.


All communication regarding commencement, amendment, or termination of this contract shall be made directly between the two parties involved, and in writing. This contract must be copied to a stand-alone written document, signed, and dated to become effective. Electronic signatures may be used. Email qualifies as written notice, and it must be cc'd to a third party as a witness.

Open IP

DPV participant agrees that OSE becomes the owner of all IP generated by the participant - for the purpose of OSE dedicating all IP into the Public Domain, or Creative Commons CC0 License, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing as an addendum to this agreement.





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