August 27, 2016 - SME Search Design Sprint

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Design Sprint video from the actual session:

Sat August 27, 2016

To see more about Design Sprints - see the Design Sprints page.

Join at this Google Hangout: You can also use OSE IRC if the Hangout is full. The event is recorded and will be posted at the agenda link above.

In this Design Sprint, we will identify as many Subject Matter Experts as possible starting on the list at the SMEs page. The most effective way to develop open source projects is via contributions from a vast array of experts who share their information freely - based on the public interest goals of Open Source Ecology.

Once we identify the experts, we contact them asking them to contibute. Typical constributions may be informative Webinars, or producing Design Guides, or producing other enabling information towards creating Distributive Enterprise.

On the Design Sprint itself, we use a Google Doc] as below, and the open to the public where many people contribute to produce results rapidly, collaboratively, in realtime - so that everyone participating sees clear, visible progress, and people can ask questions during the Design Sprint regarding what is useful and not. We will be using the Disqus at the SMEs wiki page to input our research results.

Does this make sense? Email me at marcin at opensourceecology dot org if you have questions.

Invitation Video