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SMEs = Subject Matter Experts

HintLightbulb.png Hint: To identify SMEs, you can read the Book and draw up an extensive list of them based on the various topics discussed in the book. The book provides reference material that explains some of the context for each SME, so that the overall SME team is comprehensive, but not too overwhelming. Priorities are set by assessing each SME and their role over the next 5 years. 1/2018





Electromagnetic Design

SMES from Book


Learning from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) is a good way to engage in rapid learning, and this is central to OSE's work. If the SMEs understand open culture, then good collaboration can occur. The most useful SMEs are producers of goods or services that lend themselves to OSE's Extreme Manufacturing Workshops or Extreme Learning Workshops in general. These workshops involve education (knowledge is the most valuable currency in the information age) and production - which are both forms of capital that can provide positive feedback loops in product development that could yield the open source economy.

OSE relies heavily on SMEs to opensource the economy.

SMEs are invited to present Webinars (including presentations during OBI Workshops and OSE Workshops, to become Advisors, to draw up Design Guides. Design Sprints can be used for producing Design Libraries - the last point of development for a Construction Set Approach to open-sourcing civilization - ie, Open Source Blueprints for Civilization - v0.1 forthcoming June 2018.

In order to identify SMEs, we search all possible sources:

  • YouTube
  • Google, Google Images, Google Books
  • Businesses that sell the product
  • Organizations involved in the area of endeavor
  • Specific tech sites:Hackaday has a lot of useful content, Appropedia, Instructables, Journey to Forever
  • Research institutes
  • University professors and departments
  • Online forums and groups - especially the leaders of those groups and forums

A good practice is to find the author on a certain paper - and ask them for help. Typically, those people who write in various publications are knowledgeable and can provide perspective.


Thus, when you identify someone - the next step is to email them.

Dear _____________,

I am working with Open Source Ecology (see the TED Talk by the Founder - We are currently designing open source blueprints for civilization, starting with Housing. We just began a project called Open Building Institute - see

We are looking for subject matter expert advisors who can help us on identifying the best designs and practices for various technologies that we are open sourcing. We are focusing now on the build of a Seed Eco Home and Aquaponic Greenhouse (see build workshops -

All of our plans become public domain, available to everyone.

Can you contribute your expertise on ___________________ ? We are looking for technical advice, with a minimum of 1 hour per quarter commitment. Please see our existing Team of Advisors -

Specifically, we would like to ask you if you can help us develop a low cost, open source, high performance version of the __________________ that will be used in the Seed Eco Home -






Nickel Iron Battery

Electronic Speed Controller

Seth King

Bioplastics + 3DP

  • Extruder screw design for small and large bioplastic extruders


  • Frank Aragona [1]


  • Oxyhydrogen generator

3D Printer Extruder

  • For plastic
  • For paste

3D Printing


  • Understanding of World Self Determination Percentage - how many people on the planet are transcending scarcity and moving to self-determination. And, who of these are doing so regeneratively.
  • How the financial system works
  • Peak Performance

Water Filtration

  • This refers to taking surface water (pond, lake, rainwater catchment) and converting it to Potable Grade Water that meets and exceeds internationally accepted standards of purity for potable water.


  • Designing an open source hydraulic cylinder (such as 5" for CEB press, currently $600 to source, and not reliable sourcing)
  • Reviewing hydraulic control circuits (many OSE devices) - such as 2-speed tractor control
  • Open Source Solenoid Valve for CEB Press

Stepper Motor Controllers

Towards a Design Guide for an Open Source Stepper Motor Controller. RAMBO is the highest power available. Need a system that is infinitely scalable to any number of motors and functions for the CNC Construction Set and Open Source Microfactory.

Gas Control

Towards continuous flow control solenoids in torching applications, starting with open source design of an on-off gas solenoid, and design of a gas control system using off-the-shelf solenoids.

CNC Controls

Workflow for CAD to toolpath generation to Gcode to computer control software using completely open source toolchain. Includes good software interfaces to make this user friendly. Includes encoders. Includes microcontrollers, open source stepper controllers, open source solenoid valves, and other open source components.

  • Shane Oberoier

CEB Press

Mass production of stabilized CEB block. Design of basic wall system. Earthquake stabilized walls. Basic bonding of courses.


  • KiCad 101 instructional. Modifying design files in KiCad from existing CEB Current Downloads
  • Kliment Yanev - did OSE's controller back around 2012
  • Micheal Kadie - power electronics?
  • Donbass State U - on induction furnace design?



Aerial Drones

Internet and Wireless Communications


Generating exploded part animations in FreeCAD. Generating fabrication drawings in FreeCAD. Generating modules in FreeCAD.

Architectural Drafting

  • Jack Jackson - FreeCAD + other software. I came across your CAD drafter job listed on freecad and believe it fits my skillsets perfectly. I am a CAD CAM Draftsman working on almost all kinds of Architectural, Mechanical, Residential, Structural, 3D Renderings latest softwares like AutoCAD, Solidworks, SketchUp, Maya, 3D Max, Chief architect, Revit, Archicad, Inventor etc. $12/hr. Thanks and Regards, Jack J.


  • Brad Collette - [2]
  • Christaph Wagner - [3]

Open Hardware Development

Interdiscipinary Opens

Aerial Drones

Open Source Mapping

Extreme Learning