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MJ applied as a presenter. 50/50 revenue share of copies sold through my share link.


Dear Marcin,

It is an honor and privilege to meet you and I am grateful that Jae has recommended I connect with you. You seem to be doing amazing work in the world. I am writing to invite you to be a speaker for the Awakened Life Expo. This is my third Awakened Life Expo and each time it seems to get better and better. This time around, I am fortunate enough that I can revert to my original vision for the Awakened Life Expo and feature experts who can speak on each of the sectors from the Wheel of Co-Creation, featured in Barbara Marx Hubbard's book Conscious Evolution. (see attached Image)

The Awakened Life Expo caters to a demographic of people who perceive themselves as "Awake" or "Awakened" who are educated and who are actively engaged in or seeking ways to make life better for themselves or others on the planet. The event will run in the second half of October, will consist of 30-45 minute interviews and we hope to have all interviews completed by September 27. We have just started lining up speakers and already we are floored by the response. So far, we only have 6 confirmed and scheduled speakers (that is only 10% of our target) with commitments to send out over 250,000 invitations. If we keep to this rate, we anticipate over 2 million direct invitations will go out in October.

The intention for the Expo is to have 5 speakers talk on each of the topics in the Wheel of Co-Creation so even though we are planning on having 60 speakers, there is only enough space for 5 in each category. I suspect your target niche may be Infrastructure, however, if you feel there is a better niche, we still have openings in all sectors. If this calls to you and you feel you may be interested in joining, please view fill out the speaker intake form as soon as possible so you can have your top choice and do not get shut out of desirable topics that would match your knowledge base. The Speaker Intake also has some more information about the Expo. As soon as we receive the speaker intake back, we will send you a link to schedule your interview. If after reading the speaker intake, you have any questions, please feel free to either email me or text me (cell - 518-391-5656)

Speaker intake form:

Thank you so much and I look forward to speaking with you, Kerri