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OSE Links

  • This page aims to organise all of OSE's "official" social media accounts
  • Especially once we pass certain Tipping Points , moderation (for bots, spam, and trolls) and customer service/reply staff/bots will become VERY important, as of now the big thing is creating the pages, making the non technical ones (essentially everything but the wiki, the dev youtube channel, and dev accounts etc) look "nice/trendy", and doing some devious Marketing of these pages

Development Accounts

  • OSE Gitlab - [1]

Accounts - OSE

Accounts - MJ

Other Accounts

  • Trello - link to board set up at OSE Apprenticeship - [5]


  • Used for bouncing ideas around in a fast, non-formal, yet orderly manner
  • Permanent Link


  • Not too important
  • This site needs love
  • Great idea, little use as of now
  • Open source (possibly integrasted security too)
  • Also got to check that it isn't frequented by far-whatever groups due to people not being moderated as much, and the privacy (may not be the case, but this does happen, and using the same platform as neo-nazis etc isn't exactly good optics...)


  • See Extreme Enterprise Subreddit
  • Like discord in use, but VERY orderly
  • May even make multiple subreddits (for ose, oci, or even go construction set level_
  • Allows for in depth, orderly, complex discussions of ideas
  • Also their algorhythm is probably one of the best in terms of alligning similar people (for better or for worse...)
  • OSE Reddit


  • Foundation for Regeneration - [6]
  • May make discord irrelevant or vice versa?
  • The Link if it doesn't expire, don'tv know slack's privacy settings etc


  • Used for small updates
  • Can also include links to more "in depth" sites/pages
  • If we want to go all in, and risk potential messes, we can also use it for networking, direct contact, and "voicing our views" by saying "good job" etc to other groups

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