Backhoe Development

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Prototype I

There seems to have been a simple first attempt at the design made about the time the LifeTrac I prototype was in early operation. This design can be seen in the photo at the right.

The backhoe attached to the front of the LifeTrac I.

Prototype II

A prototype backhoe attachment has been built and used at the farm. There is a short clip of the backhoe laying on the ground in this clip from 0:28 to 0:30:

Here is a preliminary CAD design based on the footage from the above video (i.e. of the prototype II design). After a few days when people have had a chance to comment on this design and after I have added any finishing touches to it I will post the actual BRL-CAD .g file this image is rendered from. If someone could enter the actual dimensions to the 2d sketches I can adjust the model to match the existing prototype.

Backhoe Render.png
Backhoe Sketch.png