Backhoe Development Brief

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The backhoe boom and stick have been started File:Backhoe.skp. Backhoe has 1/2" tubing for strength.

Next steps:

  1. Finish boom and stick
  2. Add cylinders and determine range of motion
  3. Add articulated pivot - first Iteration: File:Backhoe With Articulated Pivot.skp and File:Reinforced Backhoe With Articulated Pivot.skp See Samthetechie_log#Sat.2C_May_25.2C_2013 for more notes and updates on progress.
  4. Add feet - note inspiration feet] from GrabCAD competition.
  5. Add quick attach mounting - more info about quick attach plates Quick_attach_plate, Bobcat_Standard_Quick_Attach and File:OSEquickAttach.skp