Backhoe Stick and Boom Concept Specification

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Tag Teaming with Sam Carlisle - May 18

See Samthetechie log for links to updated files and output from today which builds on Brian's Sketchup models and takes into the account Marcin's feedback.

Starting from - Backhoe Boom in Sketchup and partially completed Concept Specification (in progress) - OSE-OSHW-Dev-Backhoe. See also OSE_Sample_Cuts for DXF files of the pivot plate.

Sam - Do you know how we could install an instance of Stack Overflow open source variant into our Dashboard to post specific questions?

Brian Peters Kickoff - May 17

Hi Brian,

Thanks for talking. As you go forward, please put all your work as Brian Log - see example of my log. To do that, sign in to the wiki and you can begin starting and editing pages. This is how we communicate so that anyone else can view your results - as we work openly at Open Source Ecology.

Please send me samples of your CAD work - that would be great. Feel free to link them on your Log. If you'd like to be involved in our Design Sprints, pease fill out our Survey.

Regarding the Backhoe - your assignment is to:

1. Review materials at The first 6 windows are relevant, and I am just beginning on the Systems Engineering Breakdown Diagram. These provide a little bit of the background work on the backhoe.

2. We are working with the Universal_Constructor_Set for our heavy machines. See more info at second window at

3. With that said - please draw up the Stick and Boom, using square tubing - with specifications comparable to the GrabCAD design challenge. On one end, just leave a pivot joint, and on the other end, also leave a pivot joint. Mount cylinders with 1" pins - of a length that allow extension and motion of the stick and boom comparable to the requirements at the GrabCAD. Consider: (1) correct location of cylinders; (2) mounting of cylinder; (3) range of motion. For sufficient strength, double up the pivot plates so they are 1" thick (plates are 1/2" thick, tubing is 1/2" wall.

Please let me know if 3 makes sense. Please ask me questions for clarity - so I can learn more about how to communicate the specification more clearly.

The Systems Engineering Breakdown Diagram will show the Stick and Boom, side-to-side motion modeule, feet, bucket, tractor mount modules.

Thank you for volunteering your Friday every other week to work on the 6 in 60 campaign.

Please let me know if you have any questions. Audrey, our Technical Community Manager, and Gary, our Product Lead, can provide additional direction.

Thanks, Marcin


Boom provided by Brian - Backhoe Boom in Sketchup.

Hi Brian,

This is great. Here are things that we need to make that exactly right:

1. All the nominal 1" Holes should be 1-1/16" - this gives a little play for 1" bolts to slip through easily. 1-1/8" is a little too large.

2. The pivot plate should have 6 of the 1" holes, and the big hole should be exactly like this - . The big hole is 3", and it has a 3" ID and 4.5" OD Drawn Over Mandrel tubing welded in for precision fit of 3" pin. Please redraw.

3. The stick and boom should have holes on 4 inch centers - like the tubing in this picture - . Please change this, This would allow us to mount all plates for cylinder mounting as needed.

4. Further, the boom and stick will be slightly different to accommodate forces such as - . Cylinders have 1" pins in our case. We can use the 1" holes in the mounting plates to mount the cylinder.

5. The boom would have to be drawn separately, and the boom and stick must be connected together. We will do this with a 3" pin.

The next step for us is to print this stick and boom with a 3D printer, so we can model the machine.

Thanks, Marcin