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Will my first attempt to print work? Apparently no =/

> for some weird reason the SD card does get recognized as inserted, but then it still says 'No SD card'

.. switched the card reader/screen and connector shield: no success =/

.. switched the smart adaptor: no success =/

.. tried the card reader/screen plus SD card on other build: works as expected!

.. flashed a new Mega and switched it: no success =/

File:D3duniversal 8.ini definitely needs to be added to Getting_Your_D3D_Printer_Running and D3D_Lulzbot_Cura pages, and these steps need to be referenced or included in the D3D_Universal_Build_Manual. Also, the information in D3D_Universal_FAQ and sent by mail should be more clearly combined and made at least easily findable.

Visual Version History (as described on Merge_Workflow#More_Notes_on_the_Merge_Workflow) of on D3D_Universal#3D_Printer was faulty, so I updated it:

Screenshot 2020-01-28 D3D Universal - Open Source Ecology.png => Screenshot 2020-01-31 D3D Universal - Open Source Ecology.png

Some notes at rad/b/osesteamcamp pad


Attempt to re-base onto a 320x300mm board following the

Compiled Cura LulzBot Edition from source thru the AUR package manager.

Had to use AppImage for FreeCAD 0.16 - works well - tho I just work with 0.18 now.


Struggling with unclear/incomplete D3D_Universal_Build_Manual and impractical wiki - especially when it comes to correct settings and how to actually get started once built.

OSE_Linux doesn't play well with my hardware =/ so I'm dependent on others - it's horribly out-dated - different approach needed.