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You can order a kit at https://www.opensourceecology.org/d3d-universal-2/

Development Template

Development Template
Description Link to Work Product  %
1 Requirements + Value Proposition D3D Universal Requirements + Value Proposition 95
2 Industry_Standards D3D Universal Industry Standards 50
3 Conceptual Design D3D Universal Conceptual Design 100
4 Module Breakdown D3D Universal Module Breakdown {{{4}}}
5 3D CAD D3D Universal 3D CAD 95
6 Calculations D3D Universal Calculations {{{6}}}
7 Electronics Design D3D Universal Electronics Design {{{7}}}
8 Wiring and Plumbing D3D Universal Wiring and Plumbing 80
9 Software D3D Universal Software 100
10 BOM D3D Universal BOM 100
11 vBOM D3D Universal vBOM {{{11}}}
12 CAM Files D3D Universal CAM Files 100
13 Cut List D3D Universal Cut List 100
14 Build Instructions D3D Universal Build Instructions 80
15 Fabrication Drawings D3D Universal Fabrication Drawings 20
16 Exploded Part Diagram D3D Universal Exploded Part Diagram 50
17 Production Engineering D3D Universal Production Engineering 60
18 Build Pictures and Video D3D Universal Build Pictures and Video 80
19 Data Collection D3D Universal Data Collection 15
20 Future Work D3D Universal Future Work 80

Enterprise Template

Enterprise Template
Description Link to Work Product  %
1 Unique Value Proposition D3D Universal Unique Value Proposition 0
2 Product Strategy D3D Universal Product Strategy 0
3 Cost Structure D3D Universal Cost Structure 0
4 Business Plan D3D Universal Business Plan 0
5 Open Source Franchise D3D Universal Open Source Franchise 0
6 Training and Management D3D Universal Training and Management 0
7 Facility Design D3D Universal Facility Design 0
8 Supply Chain Development D3D Universal Supply Chain Development 0
9 Production D3D Universal Production 0
10 Quality Control D3D Universal Quality Control 0
11 Product Assets D3D Universal Product Assets 0
12 Marketing Strategy D3D Universal Marketing Strategy 0
13 Marketing Plan D3D Universal Marketing Plan 0
14 Product Webpage D3D Universal Product Webpage 0
15 Sales and Distribution Strategy D3D Universal Sales Strategy 0
16 Customer Support D3D Universal Customer Support 0
17 Shipping D3D Universal Shipping 0
18 Open Source Everything Store D3D Universal Open Source Everything Store 0
19 Marketing and Sales Data D3D Universal Marketing and Sales Data 0
20 Customer Feedback D3D Universal Customer Feedback 0
21 Continuing Improvement D3D Universal Continuing Improvement 0
22 Future Work D3D Universal Enterprise Future Work 0

Design Concepts


embedded my website on wiki https://feadi.github.io/OSE/.

Played with gtlf-viewer



Clog troubleshooting 1st step in checklist [1]


D3D Universal First Print Checklist

Assume we have power and correct motion - how do you assure the printer extruder is working properly? This is specific to extruder - outside of any other controller and system integration issues:

  1. Check temperature of nozzle - look at LCD screen. Make sure 230C
  2. If at temperature, load filament. Did it go in right away. If not take out filament - look down the hole and check alignment. Make sure the filament drive gear - perfectly aligns above heat break hole.
  3. If 3 mm filament - make sure that it doesn't widen out at the cut and that it's 2.85 mm, not 3.0 mm
  4. Easy flow if you push it in by hand.
  5. Check the babystepping. For smooth flat first layer.
  6. Make sure physical obstruction does not exist for print bed going above end 3D printed pieces on bed.
  7. Make sure you have thermal paste beteen heat sink and fan heat sink
  8. Make sure you have theraml past - on the heat break into the heat sink
  9. Make sure the fan is spinning.
  10. Make sure the set screw is hight on extruder drive gear.
  11. Make sure the line on end of extruder shaft is spinning.
  12. Check that filament is feeding through by marking with a white sharpie. Or feel by hand.
  13. Make sure tension on spring is tight - put shims in the pocket if not.
  14. Make sure the extruder tension screw is tight
  15. Make sure that when you hold filament, it pulls hard - you can't stop it readily.
  16. Make sure nozzle is below the plastic printed parts
  17. Make sure height probe is ABOVE nozzle
  18. Cut off the tip of heat sock.
  19. Let printer extruder cool down before turning the fan off

Software First Print Checklist

  1. Make sure you have 1.75 or 2.85 on the filamnet size
  2. Make sure you have Marlin Universal here
  3. Make sure you have Marlin Universal .ini file.
  4. Check that measurements of parts are correct in FreeCAD.

Working Doc

Includes Review and Data Collection


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