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We are now producing kits and finished machines - see https://www.opensourceecology.org/d3d-universal-2/

HintLightbulb.png Hint: Our next build workshop is March 14 - 17 - see https://www.opensourceecology.org/steam-camp-march-2020/


  1. See D3D Simple Expandability Value Proposition


HintLightbulb.png Hint: Wire loom holder on z is missing

3D Printer

D3DS motor bracket.pngD3DS idler screwdown.png D3DS idler high screwdown.pngD3DS motor side screwdown.png D3DS motor side high screwdown.pngD3dsimple z foot.pngRework1.pngRework2.pngRework3.pngCarriagetosidemotor.jpgHighmotor47.pngHighidler47.pngFittingparts.pngD3DUyaxis.pngSmalleryaxis.pngRodsadded.pngBedaxis.pngPrint bed.pngYaxisnoprintbed.pngCarriagewithmagnets.pngBed.pngWorkingcopyofuniversal.pngBase.pngZaxis.pngXaxis.pngUniversalnearcompletion.jpgD3duniversalcad.png150rom.png157romY.pngWithcontrolpanel.pngEnlargedbase.pngFilamentspool.pngWithfilamentspool.pngWithspoolholder.pngPanelatrear.pngPanelatrearmod.pngControlpanel.pngSpoolholder.png Spoolholderrod.pngSpoolholder2.pngSpoolholdersassy.pngMergedspoolholdersassy.pngD3du12inchscaled.pngMonolithic base.pngNew spoolholder.pngNewbed.pngLoomclip.pngEndstopholder2.pngHolynewbed.png

Printer Extruder

HintLightbulb.png Hint: Note the small extruder gear shown is MK8- we are using an MK7. Note: Supervolcano nozzle has heat transfer issues, so we are using a 3 mm E3D v6 heat break with success (6mm threads on both sides - note that E3D v6 has 6 mm on the nozzle side, 7 mm on the cold side. Can also test Titan Aero v6 1.75 mm - which appears to have 6 mm thread on both sides. 3mm titan aero is definitely 6 mm thread on each side: see E3D_Titan_Aero_Extruder#CAD

Notes: Still missing from final assembly by MJ: fan, heat sink heat exchanger, MK7 gear, spring. In final CAD of extruder assy, heat break does not stick out of the heat sink. In reality, it sticks out about 3 mm. Where is the discrepancy if the heat break is 25 mm long?

Earlymodel.pngExtruderspring.pngVolcanoheaterblock.png Cc heat sink block jig 03NOV2019.pngDynamicblower.jpgWithsensor.pngSteppermotor.pngSteppermotor2.pngExtruderwithmotorandsensor.pngExtrCoolSensPltr.pngDrivegear.pngCc bearing hobbolt 04NOV2019.pngChrisStartupCampFinal.pngRecessedAndOversizedHoles.png3heatbreak.pngExtruder motor bracket.pngMainextruderpart.png Secondxtruderpart.pngSimple extruder assembly.pngSimpleextruderassy.pngFixedhole.pngCc spring tensioner.pngTensioner.pngTensionerandbearingadded.pngAddedmotor.pngFixingholes.pngFansimple.pngThickenedweb.pngAddedgusset.png07cutrightside.pngWithheaterandfan.pngFixingsink.pngFixedsink.pngHeatsinkdims.pngFinalextruder.pngHeatsink.pngTrimmedbottomformotor.pngFinal.pngGussetedtensioner.png

Control Panel

See more at 3D Printer Control Panel

Framev1902.pngPowersupply v1904.pngRAMPS14 v1904.pngStepperdriver v1904.pngSsr v1904.pngSmartcontroller v1904.pngGfci v1904.pngControlpanel v1904.pngControlpanel+frame v1904.pngControlpanel+panel v1904.pngControlpanelproper v1904.pngControlpanelwithmounts v1904.pngWirecover v1904.pngPanelonly v1904.pngBentpanel v1904.pngHeatbed wirelock.pngFinalcontrolpanel.pngOntrolpanelseated.png D3DPlugInner.png D3DPlugCover.png


HintLightbulb.png Hint: Amazing, works out of box. Improvements: raise tip next to carriage. Double-sided attachment. Probe on right, not left, to optimize print area



Simplespindle.pngCc export issue 22OCT2019.pngUno3d.jpgElectricmotor.png

Technical Drawing Library

Useful technical drawings for fabricating parts:

  1. File:Heatsinktechdraw.FCSTD - heat sink dimensional drawing





Working Doc

Includes Review and Data Collection


Development Template

Development Template
Description Link to Work Product  %
1 Requirements + Value Proposition D3D Universal Requirements + Value Proposition {{{1}}}
2 Industry_Standards D3D Universal Industry Standards 50
3 Conceptual Design D3D Universal Conceptual Design {{{3}}}
4 Module Breakdown D3D Universal Module Breakdown {{{4}}}
5 3D CAD D3D Universal 3D CAD {{{5}}}
6 Calculations D3D Universal Calculations {{{6}}}
7 Electronics Design D3D Universal Electronics Design {{{7}}}
8 Wiring and Plumbing D3D Universal Wiring and Plumbing {{{8}}}
9 Software D3D Universal Software {{{9}}}
10 BOM D3D Universal BOM 50
11 vBOM D3D Universal vBOM {{{11}}}
12 CAM Files D3D Universal CAM Files {{{12}}}
13 Cut List D3D Universal Cut List {{{13}}}
14 Build Instructions D3D Universal Build Instructions 20
15 Fabrication Drawings D3D Universal Fabrication Drawings {{{15}}}
16 Exploded Part Diagram D3D Universal Exploded Part Diagram {{{16}}}
17 Production Engineering D3D Universal Production Engineering {{{17}}}
18 Build Pictures and Video D3D Universal Build Pictures and Video {{{18}}}
19 Data Collection D3D Universal Data Collection {{{19}}}
20 Future Work D3D Universal Future Work {{{20}}}


Cut List

  1. [6] 8 mm rods, 12" each
  2. [1] 8 mm rod, 3D printed,
  3. [1] 2x12 lumber, 12.5" long
  4. [3] belts, 26" long

D3D Universal Axis

Platform on stilts so extruder reaches bed:

Nozzle does not reach bed:

Extruder Build

Plotter Build

Design Concepts


embedded my website on wiki https://feadi.github.io/OSE/.

Played with gtlf-viewer



  1. Printer - Marlin, Lulzbot Cura, OSE Linux, FeF Microfactory printer profiles

Plotter File Generation

  1. Plotter - Using Inkscape to Generate Gcode



Production Engineering

D3D Universal Production Engineering


See D3D Universal Product Page.

Build, Production Manuals