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Notes on Best Practice Search:

I was thinking more of simply identifying the leading practitioners, so they can function as review / endorsement people - people who contribute to Useful Source, not Inspirational Source. This means devising a strategy for this SME/Best Practice Discovery Process. It is one thing to randomly run into the best practitioners - but we will know that we have succeeded fully when we know that we have done a thorough search. This search methodology should be opensourced.

However, your point about an inspiration video is a good one. This would involve a different methodology. The "I want to be in" is a good point - but that still does not address the fear that people may have of contributing 'their precious information and thereby becoming paupers.' We will still attract those who are open source SMEs. So perhaps try this based on our learnings:

With SME Microtasking - we can achieve both Inpirational and Useful Source - regardless of whether the SME is open source or not. This means we create initial designs in-house in our working team - which has at least some expertise. Then even a small contribution from the SMEs would be very helpful. This means that the SMEs feel good about contributing, but are also not threatened that they are giving all their information away. This addresses both extracting some value from SMEs who would otherwise not share - and not making them run away at the same time. Perhaps it even achieves the transformational effect on the SME - by the SME observing that their knowledge is just a drop in the ocean - and they see that a real enterprise that is created from Microcontributions is sufficient to be a convincing business case for how powerful economic information was generated in an open framework.

Does this make sense?