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Jul 11, 2018

Tue Mar 27, 2018

Continuing -

Tue Mar 13, 2018

Started the page Aquaponic Greenhouse Design Guide and added space-holders as of now. Reviewing the FreeCAD programming guide.

Tue Mar 13, 2018

Work Planning Meeting. Notes:


  • Liabilities - cost of living. Or cost of owning a house. Open Building Institute
  • Wants to start a business of her own
  • Learn the development process - such as FreeCAD
  • Design something and go into business with
  • Aquaponics
  • Enterprise track vs developer track
  • Transition to a business in the future
  • Good at her job, but not interested long term
  • Did start a couple startups that didn't work. This was software. But wants to do it in hardware.
  • One startup - travel single point of contact website
  • Another - didn't turn up well because couldn't get bitterness out of Cashew Apple
  • Leaving US in October. Wants to do immersion in September.
  • Still trying to get out of that scarcity mentality.
  • We're stuck in that scarcity mindset.
  • Context of India - developing the model for India.
  • Turnkey product or teaching people. But not sure how that will roll out.
  • Aquaponics - work with government as a sanctioned program. So buildings and apartments can start using the technologies.
  • Market for aquaponic build workshops in India - Bhakti sees that this would be feasible.
  • Business analyst by training - biotech engineer, works in IT? Understands functional requirements.
  • Do the immersion to see if the build model is good?
  • Documentation + Business Plan. Python.
  • Identify the component.

Mon Mar 06, 2018

Cover letter:

The video while creating the cube is:

The log file is uploaded at: [[1]]

How many hours each part of the test took to complete:

1) Installing Linux -- 5 hours

2) Learning FreeCAD -- 20 hours

3) Documenting your work--and which section was most difficult. -- Documenting took almost 7 hours. The section that was difficult was finding a screw that was long enough to pass through 2 tubing. Also, the video that I recorded did not open with kdenlive. Used ffmpeg through terminal instead. Thus, could not add the background music.

Score yourself 0-100 based on the percentage of the Test points that you have completed successfully - and include that score in your work log comments. -- I would give myself 60% as I could not add the background score and that it took me too long to complete the test.

Also, I did not understand how to create the wiki log page for long time. We have to search for the name of the log and then click on create log link - this was not intuitive work flow for me. If this is explained in the developer test, it might be easier for others to follow.