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To accelerate progress on the GVCS development and to take advantage of existing projects so as not to reinvent the wheel we are accepting bids for developing certain GVCS tools. Proposals may be made for the entire development and prototyping of a tool or just a part.


Request for proposals written

  • on the website
  • through network contacts
  • in industry/academic/DIY publications

Receive proposals

through website submission form: (DRAFT2)

  • Select Project: (drop down list of open requests)
  • Team Name:
  • Contact Name:
  • E-mail:
  • Phone:
  • Proposing to: (check)
    • Design and Engineer
    • Prototype
  • Days to completion after contract is awarded:
  • How much money will you require?
  • How will this money be spent (outline your budget)?
  • What other resources (if any) will you need?
  • Describe your plan: (attach any applicable files--renderings, CAD, etc.)
  • How does your proposal meet the specifications?
  • Describe your team members including any relevant education or experience:
  • Would your team be able to spend two weeks to build and test a unit at Factor e Farm?
  • Do you agree to open source all information about the design?
  • How did you hear about this opportunity?

Check for met qualifications

Follow up on missing info/files and track applications.

Review and select

Determine which applications meet the requirements and choose the most promising one(s) to present to investors.

Present to Investors

  • Prepare applications and send to the sponsoring donor for final selection.

Award Development

  • Coordinate payment schedule and fulfillment.
  • Send congratulatory e-mails (and thanks-for-playing emails to everyone else)

Follow up Weekly

Get project updates either directly or from the project blog and post summary to the tool's wiki page.

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