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Bidding is part of our GVCS Parallel Development Strategy. The GVCS Resource Development Strategy involves the goal of $2.4M raised by year-end 2012, which will be disbursed as it becomes available to Subject Matter Experts doing the actual development work. The process for disbursement involves this GVCS Bid Proposal - which should be solicited from 3 sources. These bids are reviewed by the Technical Review Team, which makes unanimous decisions on the best bidder. The Bid Proposal should be filled out to make a compelling case to the Technical Review Team, with as much supporting information as possible to make a compelling case. Bidders should follow OSE Specifications as much as possible - focusing on lifetime design, modularity, design-for-disassembly, desing-for-manufacturability with a basic Open Source Fab Lab. Bidders are expected to work with a corresponding Project Manager (see Project Manager Duties) on their project, and disbursement shall occur as decided mutually between the Technical Review Team. Bidders must also allow for the presence of a video and documentation team during any part of the development process. Upon acceptance of the bid, a contract is drawn up.

Bid Template

  1. Deliverable Abstract - product developed
  2. Conceptual design, diagrams, performance calculations, and performance specifications drawn up.
  3. Summary of industry standards and best practices related to the project.
  4. Design rationale documented. Design rationale explains what choices were made why they were made for a particular instantiation of a given technology.
  5. OSE Specification Analysis
  6. CAD design relevant to a given project; Design follows: lifetime-design, design-for-modularity, design-for-disassembly (for repairability and packaging purposes), design-for-manufacturability (using stock components and easiest techniques), design for manual assembly
  7. CAM or Fabricaition Drawings
  8. Fabrication / Prototyping plan
  9. Project Budget proposed - broked intomaterials, equipment, facilities, project fee
  10. Bill of Materials. This is a complete list of parts and their costs, or their best approximation
  11. Proposed Timeline - please discuss your timeline and availability, from the point that funding is secured
  12. FMEA - Failure Mode Effects Analysis. This is an analysis that examines possible failure modes of a design, and how they affect the outcome of the development project. Such analysis may abort a development path and suggest an alternative for overall design or component design. Thiis involves not only design - but should also include analysis of cost overruns (if these are allowed), and analysis of possible schedule overruns.
  13. Prototype testing procedure defined. This refers to field testing under real conditions, to examine not only machine functionality but also adaptability of different machines to particular working conditions.

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