Biomass Origin Ash Return

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  • Abbreviated as BOAR
  • A (potential) acronym of returning Bio-Ash from Bioenergy / Biofuel applications to the source of the Biomass used
  • Thus there should be no Soil Depletion of various minerals
  • In the perfect form of this, just the Hydrocarbons, Carbon, and Water would be extracted from the site, with all other minerals (short of potential Bioremediation of pollutants that could be captured in the Bio-Refinery or similar process and properly handled) being returned to the original soil and used by the next generation of plants

Alternate Acronyms/Terms

  • Biomass Ash Original Ecosystem Return (BAOER) (Less of a Backronym / More Descriptive, but less sensible
    • Bioenergy/Biofuel or just the general abbreviation bio-ash can also be used instead of Biomass

Common Terms In Related Literature

  • "Forestry Use of Bio-Ash (See the section in "Alternate Acronyms/Terms on ways to word this) "
    • Forestry Fertilizer Based off of etc

Existing Companies Doing This

Tecwill Granulators Oy

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