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  • The Dick Cheney era of war by the USA is an example of unaccountability in a modern democratic country. See Vice
  • The question is - how do responsible people and promote accountability in the face of unconscionable behavior? If OSE is solving Pressing World Issues, such transparency must be part of OSE's work. This is already implicit in OSE's vision: Collaborative development for a transparent and inclusive economy of abundance.
  • Like Crusaders in the Courts such as Thurgood Marshall of the civil rights era, one avenue to pursue is legal accountability using existing legal structures.
  • As OSE explores accountability as one of the important pressing world issues as of 2019 in human history - developing legal capacity within OSE would be a useful endeavor. On one side, there is eradication of artificial scarcity - a fundamental and long term solution. On another, is legal and public interest action - which can be applied for human justice in the immediate term.