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  • Some technical developments are still necessary to produce an irresistible offer upon book writing and completion.
  • Candidates are
  1. CNC Torch with solar oxyhydrogen. Study oxyhydrogen, common duct for water torch. Walt Pyle + Jewelry Torches.
  2. Power electronics - study it.
  3. Huge Printer. Design + Develop. ( This Perhaps? - Eric )
  4. Filament Making - 1 day build.
  5. Slow Grinder - 1 Day. Hackathon.
  6. Next Tractor - Skid Steer Weekend Madness.
  7. Golf Cart - Weekend madness Design Sprint.
  8. CEB Press - scale model exercises in optimization.
  9. Universal Axis Design Guide. Sit on ass.
  10. Heavy Machine Construction Set. Sit on ass.
  11. House Construction Set. Catarina.
  12. OSE Clubs via different teacher conferences. Strategy: curriculum with exercises. Can borrow everything here until scientific method is applied to engineer a working solution via data collection
  13. 3DP Distributive Enterprise. 10,000 printers per month.