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Narriatives on Areas of Endeavor

  • Modular breakdown in the GVCS formulation allows for the first time for a manageable process for opensourcing all modern-day technology.
  • Viral Replicability Criteria defined. Just theory until first Distributive Enterprise reaches $1B, expected in 10 years.
  • Industrial productivity achieved on a small scale with first 1-day build of a heavy machine, to be repeated later with the tractor and other machiens.
  • Tractor in 6 days down to 1 day with 4 people. Explain how modularity contributes to it, and milestones for each build based on Genealogy.
  • Discuss Power Cube Genealogy for evolution
  • Discuss CEB Press genealogy for its evolution.
  • First evidence of feasibility of a flexible open source manufacturing enterprise is demonstrated with the first Extreme Manufacturing build of the CEB Press in one day, in 2012.
  • First evidence of distributed quality control implemented in remote locations took place in 2018, though this is work in progress.
  • Go through genealogy of construction experiments to see what is learned from 2008 CEB build, and even 2006 natural building experiments. Feasibility of rapid builds with brick relies on back forms, prepared slurry.
  • Go through genealogy of agriculture experiments from 2004 in Madison, WI, to 2005 in Osborn, MO, to 2007 the beginning of Factor e Farm Open Source Nursery. Major progress with Afforestt planting of 2015, Aquaponic Greenhouse of 2015, Nut Planting of 2016, and first fish harvest in 2018.
  • Next milestones include power electronics - with Arduino-based high power MOSFET welders, induction furnaces, motor controllers, chargers, and other devices.
  • Next milestones include spawning a Public Engineering effort in home schools, high school science/tech classes, university groups, etc. It has to have a cool factor and a practicality factor. Scale models by everyone, reality-creation by gamers via funding the effort, and practical builds through Open Source Microfactories and Extreme Manufacturing everywhere. This integrates with a more integrated OSE Strategy for getting there.
  • Solar concrete production from rock
  • PV production from sand


  • Viral uptake of an OSE enterprise and first $1B authentic open source hardware distributive enterprise. The closest to date is Chinese proprietary consortia that copy technology from the West, and result in billions of enterprise on a rapid time scale.
  • 100 Nobel Peace Prizes awarded to OSE agents