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(Work in progress - 2003-2035)


Actual Achivements

  • 2058 - Kardashev Scale 1 level of energy is stewarded responsibly. Humans begin to settle the universe [1]
  • 2048 - Augmented humanity enjoys prosperity, and open source immortality is achieved [2]
  • 2038 - 12 OSE Campuses have been built around the world, with the first autonomous republic formed as prejudice dissolves and artificial scarcity ends. [3]
  • 2028 - GVCS 50 completed, and OSE Campus replication started. [4]
  • 2028 - Industrial productivity on a small scale has been normalized, as anyonce can build anything from a 3d printer to a jet engine - on their own or in teams - using the Open Source Microfactory
  • 2020 - Full time development effort grows to 100 people. [5]
  • Check.png2019 - Open Source Earth Manual - book on OSE - begun.
  • Check.png2018 - First immersion program started. Needs work.
  • Check.png2016 - First Distributive Enterprise formulated as the D3D 3D Printer. Open Building Institute started.
  • Check.png2013 - Civilization Starter Kit v0.01 published.
  • Check.png2012 - Distributive Enterprise concept introduced and published in the MIT Innovations Journal, 2014. Industrial productivity achieved on a small scale, with the first 1 day build of a heavy machine with 12 people.
  • Check.png2011 - OSE reaches the world stage at TED in 2011 - see TED Talk
  • Check.png2008 - GVCS defined and begun in 2008. See UM Presentation. Importance: marks the beginning of a modular breakdown of all human technology to a manageadble and minimum construction set, thus making the problem of open sourcing all human technology manageable.
  • Check.png2006 - Factor e Farm secured in 2006 as the research and development facility for Open Source Ecology.
  • Check.png2003 - Open Source Ecology concept formulated


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