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For the Book, there are several more areas not yet covered in OSE Curricula that need to be researched for the current state of art:

  • Windmill blades - practical construction with 3D printing + fiber composite
  • Lasers - simplest design of a laser that works. Practical experiments for carbon dioxide and other laser types, up to semiconductor diodes. Lasers up to basic metal cutting and Laser Metal Deposition.
  • Diode Laser Construction Set
  • Laser Diode Construction Set
  • Refrigeration - absorption chiller, TEG, and other means of generating cold.
  • Chemistry - common synthesis, catalysis, distillation, oxidation, reduction processes, electrolysis, and other processes using carbon, oxygen, calcium, water, biomass, and other common elements. Experiments on the small scale aimed at practical use.
  • 3D scanning - algorithms
  • Computer vision - algorithms - and simple tools - Processing, other
  • Autonomous vehicles - algorithms
  • Aluminum production - clay to alumina, to bauxite
  • Rod and wire mill - how is it done technically
  • Hot rolling, casting billet in forms - how is it done technically, parameters for 200 lb human-size billet