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  • Relationship of Machine Template and attractive subtemplates for development steps with visual icons for that step to Foster recognition.
  • Role of Curriculum for OSE Clubs and Scale Modeling.
  • Training for people to run workshops as a Distributive Enterprise. Livelihood generation positioning of the wiki. That is the correct goal: creation of the open source economy.
  • Role of the Village Experiment to Reinvent the World. Capmus Experiment. Also an invitation to the campus experiment. Basic idea is that your do neosubsistence 2 hours per day. You are a teacher the rest of the time - but the teaching involves generation of real economy through Extreme Manufacturing, swarm builds, and open source microfactories.
  • Define Basic OSE Workshop and Desktop Microfactory. Then define the Open Source Microfactory and the Open Source Materials Production Facility.
  • What infrastructure do we need to make the wiki a powerful tool for collaborating?
  • Role of Discourse in contributing to wiki. Need for embeddable threads.
  • Role of Disqus
  • OSE Icons and their generation. Usage guide for wiki, forums, blog, diagrams.
  • Machine icons - usage in diagrams
  • Visual Part Libraries - for vBOMs and design concepts
  • Part Libraries
  • Construction Set in FreeCAD
  • Ongoing Design Challenges Online
  • Importance of Maintainer for wiki and corresponding embedded Discourse thread
  • Each wiki project - machine or module - has a corresponding Discourse or Flashy XM
  • Can YouTube embed Latest Video by Thread?
  • Demonstrate Discourse Thread embedded in wiki or Blog
  • Right now, FB threads are the only way we do it, and that works great.
  • Scale Models Methodology - how to participate as a school in scale model design. Requires basic OSE curriculum
  • Grand Theory of collaboration - it's just a wiki with embeddable content and open editing, with subsequent organization. Study Wikipedia for how edit process works and standards for editing. Study Appropedia for their standards for editing. On one side is the independent contributions, and on another, it is curation.
  • OSE Clubs and OSE Curriculum. The OSE Curriculum is 3 months per machine, or about a decade of courses. It is economically significant for real products and for marketable kits. These raise the bar for Education for Freedom. Freedom (from material constraints as a basis for thriving) is kept clear here. Addressing of learning to share in Kindergarten, but in college we learn to plunder, and after college we act on it unless we have another option.