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Working Doc of August 21, 2021


Technology Design Courses

How it Works

OSE is working on building the world's first village of freedom, where people gain the power of responsibility. This can be reframed in 2022 as the Network State, adding some level of diplomatic recognition from surrounding regions. The basis of this recognition is the capacity for extreme production. You can see Crop Values Per Acre from $200 to $40B per year, based on an acre's crop of 400kW of solar energy.

With Kardashev Scale = 1% productivity, this means an economy of about $10,000 trillion, this means that we will have left nobody behind. This includes nature, as a significant portion of energy can go to Regeneration of the earth.

The above requires a high level of productive capacity, which means a general shift from bureaucracy to a lifestyle of design-build. Transcendence of artificial scarcity on the material front is inevitable.

To get there, here is a curriculum of design and build spanning the physical world, art and science, and entrepreneurship.

List 2022

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Open Source Ecology and Integration


HR recruits based on curriculum. Curriculum should be comprehensively described so that