Broken Wheel Shaft

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Overview: James Slade had spacer between two thrust bearings on modular wheel unit. Spacer was held in place with 1/2" thru holes. Not a good idea. This happened during tooth bar bucket work. Shaft Diameter - 1-7/8". Don't know about cost of power hookup. Fixed by milling/drilling new shaft in 8 hour day - taking off tracks, taking off quick connect unit. Second breakage happened a few days later on the 2nd wheel, same side of tractor, during Drainage Sloping with LifeTrac.


Making keyway in new shaft:


  • We have already implemented 3" wheel shafts on the Trencher_2_Data_Collection and 3 Inch Wheel Hub. Overkill, but reduces drive from multiple drive systems to this single one for all machines from MicroTractor to Bulldozer, Truck and Trucktor, Combine, Baler, others. Near trillion dollar market exists for these machines.