Trencher 2 Data Collection

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  • dig depth - 3 feet
  • dig width - 3 inches
  • power source - 2 27 hp power cubes; independent drive on each side
  • digging velocity - 2 feet per minute, heavy clay
  • tubing laying capacity - 1.4" OD maximum
  • dedicated cost - $800 in materials without 2 universal rotors
  • weight - approx 1200 lb total
  • Universal Rotor in trencher uses 3" shafts. This is the recommended route for future Rotors - overkill but acceptable from microtractors to bulldozers. See Aidan Willaimson Log


First ever run of LifeTrac with 75 horsepower - using 3 Power Cubes. Demonstrates nominal infinite scalability of Power Cubes. Structural Power Cube was assembled from Power Cube 5 by framing inside a structural modular tubing and mounting on the tractor - in 3 hours. Teeth have been reversed since this video to help drag the tractor forward. 2 independent drive motors are used on trencher blade, 25 hp each for 50hp at the blade, and 1000 lb force at tooth tips. Tubing burial chute can be submerged by pre-digging a trench, without raising the chute. Trench depth - 3 feet by 3 inches wide. Capable of burying coiled tubing up to 1.4" outer diameter.