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Remember that you are working as a team, and that video+graphics assets as well as software are standard for the team.

  • Kdenlive - editing; include upload of source files or links
  • PowToon - online canned editing; include source files and links
  • GIMP/Inkscape - images
  • JPGss/GIFs for images
  • Audacity for sound
  • Natron for compositing (needs instructionals)
  • Take video with your smart phone or camera
  • Upload raw footage to your own or OSE Youtube channel
  • Use Kdenlive for editing
  • Upload source code and files or file list to your working video page, so that others can co-edit from source.
  • Include uploads of all media assets
  • Compose using PowToon for intro screens and some transitions
  • Publish to YouTube for review by team
  • Use FreeCAD CAD files - see our repository