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Tutorial Video



  • Transparent rendering in Kdenlive - relies on using alpha channel - [1]
  • Rotoscoping - cutting out part of an animation to overlay in another video.
  • Make 2 videos semitransparent - [2]
  • Overlay text - [3]
  • Overlay a greenscreen image like in video on top
  • Zoom and scroll text in kdenlive - [4]
  • Rotate text in Kdenlive - [5]
  • Animation composite in Kdenlive + Natron - [6]
  • Animated title in Natron - [7]
  • Video in video in kdenlive - [8]
  • Multiple videos in one screen - [9]
  • Overlay images and text with transparent background in kdenlive including resizing - [10]
  • Mark up video in Kdenlive -
  • Semitransparent overlay of graphic over video in Kdenlive - [11]

Core Functionality

  • Drag and drop clips into Clip Window. Drag and drop from Clip Window into Timeline, into any of several tracks. The number of tracks be unlimited, and is selectable in Settings->Configure Kdenlive.
  • Toggling between Select and Cut Tools is the main workflow action. Click on the clip, and press S or X for the respective tool.

Specific Functions

  • Invert an image - Timeline->Add Effect->Misc->Flippo
  • Adding space at the beginning of an entire project once it's impractical to drag everything: use Spacer Tool - it drags everything by grouping the entire project. Make sure none of the tracks are locked - which prevents them from moving.
  • Kdenlive Pan and Zoom
  • Reverse clip direction - in the Project Bin (where you drag in all your clip files), right click, and select Reverse Clip. This will make a new reversed copy of the clip with .mlt extension.
  • Shading out parts of the screen - View menu -> and activate the "Properties" panel. - https://youtu.be/4pkmNi_XU1s
  • Speeding up video and audio- [12]

Scrolling Scripts


For finding open-source soundtracks for your videos, see Open Source Soundtracks


  • Kdenlive doesn't use all the CPU by default. You can tell it to use all cores at 100% - here's how - [14]