Bulldozer Geardown Concept Discussion

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To Justin Burnett

Thanks for doing all the work on the Wheel Module. Here are some details that you can check based on parts for the wheel module - Universal_Rotor_Suggested_Parts

These are the bearings' and motor's bolt patterns that you can check for specific dimensions.

Yesterday I also mentioned that the side reinforcing plate should be recessed - but I checked on the real wheel units - and there are space constraints. I think it's still a good idea to make the reinforcing plate level with the side - but instead of recessing it into the side, we should extend the length of the other plates to make the reinforcing plate even with the side.

This has to do with the Bulldozer Geardown module that we are working on today - Bulldozer_Geardown - in that the Wheel Unit and Geardown need to be flush with each other.