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  • Essentially UBI by disguesed capitalist means
  • Proposed origionally by a book of the same name
  • A good OTS example of the OSE Book (s)


    • A Meaningless ie "bs" jobs that are esentially doing nothing
    • Ie unpacking and repacking the same box for 8hrs a day ie no Deliverables and it is easily automated/replaced by other services


    • Making small decisions for days to weeks (ie green or blu logo uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhhhh (3 weeks later + 5 meetings) )
    • Using Beurocracy and Jargon to Disguise Lack of Progress
    • Lots of arbitrary titles (ie super-junior-assistant business planner)
    • General too much beuracracy / overorganization
    • The world not being worse off, or even better with the job, without thing "a" (ie Middlemen etc)
    • People do not like the job (ie deadend jobs (outside of service jobs which are ESSENTIAL) )
    • Useless Gameification (ie prizes for useless work)
    • Excessive HR
    • Pay = suffering based, not deliverable based
      • Thus humans and capitalism optimize suffering not productivity
  • TLDR the world does this and it is a cautionary tale from a great book
  • Also Jobs that are only complex "looking busy" only, or largely
  • People do not get pleasure from these (even with breaks etc)
    • For example some brutal torture is a similar in real metaphor:
      • "starve them, let them make a pot of soup, then force them to dump it down the drain" - considered some of the most brutal / numberg trial-able
    • ie why is this our job system in the "real" world

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