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CAD has several purposes:

  • to define the structure of your design and documentation system
  • to audit and aggregate all the data held in common between your files
  • to provide an interface to detect and resolve conflicts
  • to provide an interface to aid managment of your design documents and information


CAD uses fetches to grab more infomation based on data already in the repository (i.e. filled in from a handler or another fetch). Fetches available are:

  • Digikey - given a digikey partnumber, provides basic digikey info and pricebreak data
  • Mouser - like Digikey but for mouser.
  • Execute - runs a little perl snippet with access to the data in that context and can insert values in repository. (e.g after digikey grabs all the pricebreak info, you can have an execute fetch with fill in the minimum order quantity for that part)

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