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About the replication

Back in 2013, we met because we all wanted to replicate open source hardware, but we had no money. So Felipe and Nicolás found a non profit organization that was interested in the machine. The project was made for Fundación Origen in Pirque, Chile.

We dealt with the initial problems of converting all measures and beams to the available metric ones in Chile and we also verified the strength calculations for the most delicate beams. Then we started working in the hydraulic system design with the help of a local company that manufactured them for us.

Then the hydraulic cylinders were stolen, so we stopped for a bit since they were very expensive. Finally, Felipe took the leading role and finished the project in 2015.

Building process

Monicaceb.jpg Morechileceb.jpg


Download pictures:


CAD files (previous to building)


Felipe Rojas

Mónica Zamora

Nicolás Balmaceda

Víctor Valenzuela

And we thank all our friends from OSE and RedEC for their help when needed!