CEB Microhouse Build in Belize/Notes 9-18

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  1. Arrivals
    1. Make it clear that they should arrive a day before the event begins.
    2. $1000BZ to rent a bus to/from airport
    3. Example: Jolanda is snorkelning before the event
  2. Bamboo Beach Booking
    1. 6 nights total
    2. Offer our max amount?
    3. Figure 6 bungalows with two beds each and a possibility of air mattresses and tents.
  3. Working expectations
    1. Malaria shots reccommended
    2. Mosquito hour comes and work needs to stop - around 5:30
  4. Marcin arriving a few days early
  5. Mixer
    1. XXH Pipe:
    2. 2in pipe fits 1 15/16 shaft
    3. Determine material availability and figure out where to go from there.
  6. Make window and door modules out of hardwood instead of plywood?

2" Pipe Detail