CEB Microhouse Build in Belize

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See Aidan Log + Marcin Log + Catarina Log for more details.



Build pictures from actual event - [1] Belize.jpg


The first picture is Copper Bank Village, Belize, 2019. The next pictures are Microhouse 4 build in 2014. Now Aidan Log set up the brick press for pressing 2200 block for the CEB Microhouse:




Build Concepts + BOM Doc


Organizational Meeting Doc

From mid January, 2020




  • Overall Design/Build Docs by Catarina Mota - [2]
  • Roof - [3]
  • Windows and Doors - [4]

MJ Annotated - Lintels

Left Truss

Mid Truss

Right Truss

Double Window

Single Window


Sweet Home 3D





Actual Expenses

Cost to Produce + Deliver Block

  • Spreadsheet - [5]

House BOM

From Below #BOM - Catarina



Materials and Labor Actual Costs

See actual expenses for actual expenses

  1. 1”- 17 Gauge Galvanized Stucco Netting 150' Roll × 3 - $206.97
  2. Brick pressing labor - $2k, PP to SM, Feb
  3. $1650 initial materals, PP to SM, Dec
  4. 2 5/8" splined couplers + overnight shipping - $56.70

BOM - Catarina

  • BOM documents folder - [6]
  • Main BOM - [7]
  • The structural CAD for the roof is in this folder (file Belize Microhouse.sh3d): [8]

Based on that design, I drew up this list of materials:

The list is not 100% complete - I still need to add screws and more nails - but it has the most critical components for the roof and loft. I believe the priority right now is to get the lumber (so it has time to dry) and check if the hardware (tie plates and hurricane ties) is available there or if it needs to come from the US.

Most lumber needs to be hardwood and rot-resistant (it'll be exposed to the elements). This is all specified in the "grade" column. Aidan talked to the carpenter who recommended a couple wood species as being good for roofs (hardwood and rot-resistant).

The dimensions on the document are what we need. If the wood is green and is going to shrink, we will need slightly longer boards (to account for shrinkage).


CEB Microhouse Build - We're doing a CEB MIcroHouse Build in 5 days in Belize early next year - Feb 22-26, 2020 - our first workshop outside the US. This is immersion, vacation, and service. We're working on making Microhouse builds highly replicable and super efficient, both in the US and abroad. Sign up for early bird registration today.

We're working on making Microhouse builds highly replicable and super efficient, both in the US and abroad. Our next build is in Belize - first major international build. Sign up for early bird registration today.




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Thank you for registering. You are good to go - we are ahead of schedule at this time.

I would like to ask, though - how you found out about this so we can learn more about where people are finding us? And what are your goals for this workshop? We'd like to offer the best experience possible.

In the meantime - feel free to join the OSE Workshops group if you aren't on there yet - and say hello. I am encouraging all the participants to introduce themselves there and start a conversation to engage other participants and anyone else who is looking.

If you aren't signed up to our newsletter, please do so -

Note that we added a ton of share buttons at the top of the announcement - feel free to use them - - and pass this on to your friends. Please feel free to ask any questions.

Also - we just published our next STEAM Camp for Europe and America - one month before the Belize build - see

Thanks, Marcin


See CEB Microhouse Build in Belize Participants


Economic Analysis



  • Marcin - Projections, Actual, and Sustainable Budget Spreadsheet - [10]
  • Scott - revision - [11]


Participants' Media