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  1. Check.pngBob Moore
  2. Check.pngMAC Chiulli
  3. Check.pngPatrick Sullivan - Canada - I follow OSE on facebook, so that is how i heard - the fb link. I've been interested in building with earth for a while now. I've helped build strawbale homes, earthen floors, walls and ovens. I am quite interested in the CEB machine as well. I have taken workshops on building and recipe making but am still looking to broaden my horizons. I have recently found good quality building clay in the area i live, Mackenzie BC Canada. Also i found an old lime quarry. Anyway, working with the earth seems to be an almost lost skill. I think it is a very important and foundational to a resilient society to be wise about working with earth. My goals: basically im interested in the whole gestalt of the context/process. The social diversity and collaborative elements, the empirical metrics of the earth - pattern and difference between types. Im quite into the setting up and cleaning up process as well. It's only a week so i'm not expecting to much. It's part holiday for me as well so I'm looking forward to the beach/yoga scene :) Was I one of the first 12? I would like one of them rooms if possible. Although im flexible really. But please let me know.
  4. Check.pngDuane Johnson - Utah - Hi Marcin! I've been looking forward to something like this for YEARS. I'm a founder of a makerspace called Make Salt Lake (Utah) and first heard about OSE after your TED talk in 2011. Excited to learn & build alongside such innovators, and hope to make a CEB press when I return.
  5. Check.pngRey Johnson - Canada - I am Duane's younger sister. I live in Canada and he lives in the US, and we haven't seen each other in a long while, so this project is going to be a big highlight for us. I heard about it from him today, but have been keenly interested in these kind of builds for a long time. It was an instant yes for me when he proposed the idea. My goals are to learn as much as I can about technology that can save the planet, especially when it comes to housing. I'm a huge believer in sustainability and love earthships and tiny homes. I'm a geek for this stuff. So excited. This looks fabulous.
  6. Check.pngKen Kesslin - - I'm currently in a learning mode about natural building techniques and about ecological home construction. I have a desire to build my own home someday and I'm also interested in discovering ways to make home ownership more accessible to those with more limited resources (my past life as a Social Worker bubbling up!). So by coming to collaborate in Belize I'm hoping to leave with... 1. At least a basic understanding of the entire home build process - from foundation to roof as well as the utility systems. 2. An understanding of the benefits and downsides of using compresssed earth bricks for construction. 3. Learn about collaborative and modularized building to speed up construction - especially by less skilled people. 4. Connections to others who can be resources and potential collaborators if/when I decide to invest time and money in a construction project.
  7. Check.pngChristine Stultz
  8. Check.pngJaime Engstrom -
  9. Check.pngPeter Hellmuth - Sacramento, CA,
  10. Check.pngLeila Hellmuth
  11. Check.pngIsmail Mussa
  12. Check.pngReginald Maunze - I found out about this opportunity from a friend and after watching your TED Talk and some of the other projects you have done, I was convinced to come along and learn about how to build Microhouses. My goals in this workshop, is to gain as much knowledge as possible regarding Open Source technology as well as make a difference to someone's life.
  13. Check.pngJoe Richards. I am always looking for the "what's next" idea to help move our camp and facility forward. To make parent's, teachers, and other say - our kids have to experience this program - thus world camp, farm camp etc. I want to understand how the CEB machine works and how it is put together. I want to see how the CEB's are used to build and how to troubleshoot consistency problems with CEB's. I want to see the viability of building a CEB machine at Pearce Williams and use it for building small houses for summer staff, volunteers, and/or retirees. Seek knowledge about how this works with building codes and engineers. I want to learn more about the OSE movement and how Pearce Williams can help our local community learn and grow with it. World Camp connection - use a CEB machine to create the blocks and build a structure as a teaching tool for both interested individuals and ongoing education for our campers and school groups.
  14. Check.png - Rick Hagen
  15. Check.png - David Puckett
  16. Check.png - Pieter Hijma. I've been a silent follower of your projects for many years now, so I don't recall exactly how I found out about Open Source Ecology. However, most likely, I have been looking out for cool open source projects and came across your TED talk. I'm a computer scientist and care much for open source software. In my opinion everybody should have the ability to verify the software that they run and I believe this should extend to the physical world as well. Hence my interest in your projects. I believe division of labour is a logical phenomenon, but I don't understand why this implies keeping your methods secret to others as is customary nowadays. I believe this is an important contributor to a divide in society and I would like to see it changed. Up until now I haven't had time to become involved because I have a demanding job. I've decided to register for the workshop because I'm looking forward to meet more like-minded people. I'm pretty sure I will leave academia in a year or so and as I'm wondering about my next steps, I'm trying to extend my network, and my world-view. Another goal is to simply learn new things (everything of the workshop will be new to me). I'm very interested in compressed earth blocks as a building material and how one builds a house in general. Thanks for reaching out to me personally and I'm looking forward to meeting you and the other participants.
  17. Check.png - Mark Muhlbock
  18. Check.png - Brett Walker
  19. Check.png - Robert HR
  20. Check.png - Aaron Williamson
  21. Check.png - Alexander Gross
  22. Check.png - Luke Murry
  23. Check.png - Ethan Borle - I became aware of OSE years ago, so long ago that I can’t remember how. I’ve had your webpage set as a favourite ever since then. I recently visited the page to see how far development has come on some of the plans and saw the Belize trip. I lived in Belize for about a year as a child and went back for 4 weeks with my life as an adult. I’ve had a dream of building a little place down there for years. Seeing my interest in OSE and Belize combined was just too much to pass by. As for collaborating with OSE in the future, I’d love to find out how to become involved. I think the OSE idea is so important and amazing and I would love to build some of your machines with my father and brothers. I look forward to learning what a collaboration with OSE could look like.
  24. Check.png - Nathan Suitter - Good to hear from you! I volunteered as a Dev last year and have been on the OSE facebook group for a few years now. I've always wanted to do a workshop with you and the CEB construction looks like such an exciting building method with all kinds of potential for ecologically sound construction. As far as learning goals, I have a lot of stick frame construction experience so I'm mostly curious about mud masonry and mud/clay finishing techniques. I'm also excited to meet a bunch of cool people who are into sustainable building as well! One question I had was about the carbon footprint of CEB houses compared with brick or stick frame houses. Do you have any resources you could point me to?
  25. Check.png -Don Penrose As our earlier conversations went i eluded to the server homelessness issue that this country is experiencing.

Eugene, Oregon is a hub for homelessness bc our civil city recognises this plight and is trying to impact its effect... We offer several free food meals throughout the city, free social medicine and dental to our homeless and have several temporary housing situations. Our group are in the making of teaching the homeless how to build from the soil they stand on = in comes CEB building... I will be instrumental in the construction and educational training in this program. Hence i will be attending your Belize build to familiarize myself with your latest generation of the CEB press. Notes: haven't heard back from Brett Walker, Luke Murry

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