CEB Press 6 - Overall Machine - Bill of Materials

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Parts Rationale

  • The two other mcmaster parts that I have are #5700k14 (for the shaft collars that would clamp onto the linear shaft and weld onto the shaft supports) and also #79245a521 (for cylinder pins for the secondary cylinder, unless you would like to make them out of round bar or something, but they are not very expensive). These shaft collars seem a little expensive, but just about any clamping shaft collar should work. I just picked out the 5700k14 collar because it looked like it would work for welding onto the shaft support. Pins are obtainable easily from metal stock;4 split collars should be used - double split if hard to access -
  • Besides the McMaster parts, electronic parts, and hydraulic parts, the only things I could think of that we will need would be the bearings for the shaker motor, 1/4x2 steel for grate, steel for shaker counterweight, 2in and 2-1/2in square tube, 1in roundbar for linear shafts, and the DOM and roundbar for the main cylinder.

Surplus Center