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  1. Preparar todas las herramientas necesarias (complete documentation of tools used - Chris F at Factor e Farm can do this) y el espacio de trabajo
    1. Include scalability considerations and workflow for 1 machine, then 4 machines, then continuous production (100 machines)
  2. Comprar "stock" metal y otros componentes (aquí hacen falta varias páginas completas y bien organizadas; para esto habría que buscar la información de las páginas antiguas)
    1. Stock steel (pictures from first build are desirable here)
    2. CEB Hydrauilics Order (las listas completas están ya documentada en el wiki, necesitamos organizarlas en esta nueva página)
    3. Controller (v0.1 should be documented; v0.2 by Dorkmo, and v0.3 by Blair of Detroit Fab Lab should be added)
  3. Prepare all consumables
  4. Purchase outstanding itens
    1. 2 more main cylinders
    2. Power Beyond Fittings for tractor valves

Cortar todo el metal (Abrasive, Torch, Cold Cut, Ironworker, Bandsaw, Plasma Cutter, Oxy Torch)

(note: second number in brackets is the number of copies required)

Cut 10 pieces of 7/16"x6" heavy u-channel (this link should be filled with (1) a technical drawing from a library of any professional CAD package); (2) a real picture of the material, (3) a real picture or video of someone cutting it (all of: abrasive, cold cut, band, plasma, or oxy torch)

  • [4x3] 6' long - arms
  • [4x3] 4' long - legs
  • [4x3] 6" long - 2.5"x3/16" square tubing - feet tubes
  • [4x3] 10"x10"x1/4" flats - feet
  • [2x3] 1/4"x2" angle, 21" long - hopper closure
  • [2x3] 1/4"x2" angle - 7" long - hopper closure tab for cylinder alignment
  • [2x3]

  • - drawer
  • - hopper
  • - hopper supports
  • - shaker
  • - hopper interface plate
  • [2x3] 3/4" pipe, 1" long - cylinder aligner
  • [2x3] u-channel, 3" - cylinder align

Secure All Fasteners

  • [2x3] 1/2"x2" - cylinder alignment
  • [4x3] 1/2: nuts - cylinder alignment
  • [2x3] 3/4"x6" threaded rod - cylinder align
  • [6x3] 3/4" nuts - cylinder align
  • [4x3] 3/4" nuts - arms to frame attachment

Hacer Todos los Agujeros

Grind All Metal

Soldar Todos los "Assemblies"

Prepare all other Assemblies (Sensors, Controller)

Bolt Entire Machine Together

Upload Control Code, Dry Test, and Field Test