CEB Press 5

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CEB Press 5
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The is the main page for version 5 of the CEB Press. See that page for general info and how it fits into the GVCS.


This is a placeholder for a future version so we can start collecting notes about it.


Following CEB Press 4, improvements to be made include:

  • Design for fabrication via CNC torch table
  • modularization of leg holders
  • modularization of front hopper supports
  • simplification of guard fabrication - torch perforations for bending guards by hand
  • simplification of Shaker Guard to a single flat sheet without bends
  • refinement of controller box for CNC Circuit Milled version of controller
  • Migrating design into Sketchup for wide distribution via ubiquitous access
  • Needs toolchain development for professional CAD or Sketchup to CNC Torch Table files.
  • If we don't finish the CNC Torch Table by end of November, we will outsource torch cutting to Ben in Texas Collaboration Team or source local in St. Joseph.