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The 3 machines of interest in the small CNC machine product ecology are:

  1. The CNC Laser Cutter - we are considering building on the open source Lasersaur as our 40 watt laser cutter of choice.
  2. We are basing our 3D printer on the open source Lulzbot 3D printer, which we aim to supersize from the existing 12"x12" size to about 36"x12" size.
  3. We are considering the Shapeoko open source CNC Circuit Mill for our circuit mill implementation.

This may be able to build upon the work of CubeSpawn.

For OSE Specifications, we would like to integrate the design of these 3 machines so they use uniform structural members (aluminum extrusions) - and we would like to design these such that parts are largely interchangeable, and that the designs can be scaled to different sizes as needed.

See also Factor e Farm Prototyping Schedule