CNC Torch 2019

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Minimum Viable Product 2 - Linear Table

  • Concept: CNC torch without height control for a 12"x12" working area, out of linear stock


Minimum Viable Product 1 - Full Sized Table

  1. 1" axis with water table, 5x5' for 4x4' stock
  2. Space frame for ease of build with local metal sourcing of 1/4x4" steel for welded build - simplifies kit delivery.
  3. This would be for small parts such as shredder, plastic-metal composites for CNC Torch, 3DP frames, other metal-plastic composites in heavy machines and tools (ex. vise with metal jaws)
  4. Use case is primarily small scale production of parts for startup entrepreneurs.
  5. Can be used as testbed for automatic height control innovation, as well as scalability
  6. Water table allows for warpless cutting and allows for table probing for flatness in automatic operation. Allows for $5 control system instead of $500. See CNC Torch Table Height Control with Marlin Toolchain
  7. 1/4" space frame for stability and ease of build
  8. Usable as router for light duty routing of wood but no compelling purpose as a router in the GVCS
  9. Operator controlled with Marlin and Z Babystepping using Marlin controller - for additional control if warping occurs. This would be a perfect 80% solution that runs attended by an operator.
  10. Develop cell phone Babystepping control eventually.
  11. Ignition - Automatic CNC Torch Table Ignition


  1. D3D CNC Torch Table