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From Kliment

It would appear powerlolu is a license violation, as it's NC-licensed but a derivative of my GPL design.

I still think if you are only using 2.5A steppers on RAMPS then you should rather go with a drv8825-based design. That would be a drop-in for RAMPS. The ones I designed are available at, GPLv3 licensed, and can be purchased at

They can definitely manage a 2.5A stepper with microstepping. Since their BOM cost is in the single-digit dollars, I definitely recommend you try them first. Their current control is at 0.25V/A, so you want to set them to 2.5A*sqrt(2)/2*0.25V/A = 0.44V. Remember, for a 2.5A stepper with microstepping, you only need sqrt(2)/2 of its max current in each coil, so 1.77A for a 2.5A stepper. The ones from Pololu are closed source and have slightly worse thermal design, but they should be able to keep up with your steppers too.

Parts Sourcing

  • Cool DRV stepper motor driver - 2.0A - [1]
  • RAMPS - from Lulzbot