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As an experiment to change the world, the campus should embody radical principles of responsibility.

If designed right, the learning environment should be self-organized, needing no staff. One possibility is a 100 acre campus - for 200 people - and 1-4 land stewarts on site to operate a restoration ecology operation (closed loop material flows, restoration agriculture, site maintenance).

If designed properly, the 'responsibility model' means, say for the 3 month immersion experience:

  • students apply, pay tuition if accepted
  • Students receive a large set of reading materials to study for 1 month prior to entry
  • Open Source Development Protocol is key component. Includes engineering, agriculture, social entrepreneurship, communications, psychology and human relations, history, and the arts. In general, it's a peak performance curriculum. As part of curriculum, students fill out their own paperwork, if any. This is consistent with a goal of immersion learning: students are going into the program with a direct goal of replication. Part of the learnings are organizational issues.