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Let Me Tell You a Story

There was once a warthog who wanted to save the world. He decided to build a parallel world - of paradise. To do that, he needed to learn the language of open design, so he could design and build anything. So he learned FreeCAD, and began creating Master Files to build the world from scratch. Then contributors from all over the world, began showing. They also wanted to build their own paradises where they lived. But there was only one catch. In order to do it, they would have to learn all the skills and techniques that are necessary to do it. And they don't teach you how to build a new civilization in school - they just teach you how to keep milking the old one. They teach you that we must kill the environment, engage in war, and steal from others to make a living. But the warthog said: no. We can do it - to create a paradise of meaningful lives, based on people doing what is truly important and meaningful in their lives. Without compromise. Without killing and stealing from others. So he invited a ton of student to join him. He was very demanding - because he knew what it takes. It would be only under very specific conditions of commitment. But the prize was worth it: freedom. Only by investing heavily in growth - can one achieve freedom. Financial independence. Freedom of time. Freedom of relationship.


  • Grit - to continue along.
  • Lifelong learning - measurement and improvement. To measure is to improve.
  • Integrity - having sufficient esteem to be oneself, but also consider others' needs. Integrity means everyone is included.
  • Large-Scale Open Collaboration.


We value openness, self-esteem, integrity:

  • We envision a place where someone commenting "You seem very unsure at times what to do what, and how to do it. At times you even get it wrong." - is seen not as trolling - but as a compliment.
  • Expertism is not valued

Required Reading List - Prior to Or During


  • OSE Social Contract - from 2021, for the first prototype of OSE Apprenticeship.
  • Social Contract - work from 2019 and earlier. Relevant concepts must be refactored into the current version.