Carbon Fiber Reinforced Carbon Composites

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  • A Composite Material consisting of Carbon Fiber reinforcement suspended in an Artificial Graphite matrix
  • Made via using Carbon Fiber (CF) matting, winding, or some sort of other "preform"
  • The main variation in methodology is what process is used for the graphite production
  • The Three Main Processes Are:
    • Liquid Impregnation
    • Chemical Vapor Infiltration or CVI
      • Less info on this proces, but "Film Boiling Chemical Vapor Infiltration" (FB-CVI) is the fastest method supposedly
    • Chemical Vapor Deposition or CVD
  • There are various grades, mainly in how the carbon fiber is arranged, and the purity of the final graphite
  • Main use cases are where high strength and temperature resistance are needed (often low weight too, but not always NEEDED)
    • Often aerospace (The Space Shuttle used this material for it's Nose Cone, and the Wing's Leading Edges for instance)

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