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Welcome core team people! This is the core team directory for key contributors to the Open Source Ecology/open product development/open infrastructure creation/global village construction set.

Here we are collecting information about the Core Team. Please answer the following questions. The information will be accessible to other Core Team members to help them to get to know you and work with you more effectively. This information is intended for that purpose. Each Core Team member will have a page, and all pages will be accessible through this page.


Contact Information: - phone, Skype, email, webpage, blog, other

Contributions relevant to project: - any related education, skills, experiences, resources that may contribute to moving the project forward.

Present engagements and actions you are currently engaged in on a day-to-day level:

Networks: Social networks, groups, clubs, organizations, or other leaders that you have access to

Level of Commitment to the Good Work: This question helps us assess what you are capable of in terms of practical commitment levels and depth of involvement. Are you doing full time organizational/progressive/open source/other work for a living, or is it a part time diversion from working another, unrelated full-time job?

Livelihood goals: - What would you like to see yourself working in/making a living on a long-term basis? Is that what you're doing now?

Your interests in open product/infrastructure development: What in particular interests you in open development?

Which of the projects are you interested in? - select CEB, Solar Turbine, Agriculture, etc., or all, of the main projects listed at Overview

Are you interested in living in a startup, land-based Global Village as being discussed here?

How did you find out about us?

Are there any other things you'd like to say?

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