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Product Ecology

We are developing an appropriate technology set of products using the method of open source neocommercialization. We aim to deploy these products via flexible and digital fabrication, where appropriate. The following diagram lists the seven main project areas. These project areas fill the basic needs of seven major sectors of the economy: food, energy, housing, fuel, transportation, materials, and fabrication. You can read more about our program in our 3 year proposal.

Projects overview.jpg

Project Status

We are actively working on the following projects. You will find them under various headings in the chart above.


  1. We are nearing the deployment of the first funding cycle for the Compressed Earth Block press
    1. Social enterprise website under construction by Sam Rose
    2. Neocommercialization business model under development
    3. Needs isometric drawing for completed prototype


  1. LifeTrac - multipurpose tractor under construction as of 5.22.08
  2. Solar Concentrators planned to be built in a two week period starting 8/15/08
    1. Feasibility is acceptable for a low-cost design - see documentation above

Solar Powered Steam Engine Generator

  1. Design of the [1] is in progress.
  1. XYZ Table design and specifications in progress.
    1. Designs and controller by Arnar Mar Sig of the Iceland Fab Team
    2. Needs further design and specifications refinement


  1. Current work on the Sawmill.
    1. Past work on band sawmill and swing-blade sawmill


  1. Orchard and nursery is young, and documentation is here
  2. Organizational development
    1. Funding model for parallel product development - in progress - Ecotechnology Buying Club
    2. Looking for Core Team members