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This page is dedicated to organizing all the aspects of the preparation for Open Solar 2 - OS2 - The Second Solar Power Generator Convergence at Factor e Farm, to be held August 1-31, 2009. This is a working conference for building a 3 kW prototype of a solar concentrator electric power system.

The main points are to refine the design of the system and prepare all the materials for integration.

The points to develop prior to OS2 are:

  1. Demonstrate a working reflector slat. This includes (including cost milestones for materials):
    1. Structure for holding mirrors ($6 per slat, without mirrors)
    2. Mirror sourcing
    3. Mirror attachment strategy ($1 per slat)
    4. Control electronics, motor, feedback sensor, and control logic ($5 per slat)
  2. Develop an explicit design for the collector tube ($500)
    1. Source materials
  3. Develop valving system for collector tube feedwater entry ($150)
  4. Develop digital fabrication of steam engine ($100)
  5. Modernize said steam engine with electronic steam injection ($50 for valve and controls)
  6. Develop a matching electrical generator ($150)
  7. Integrate additional steam cycle components - cooling, pumping, preheating, superheating ($150)

See OS2 Development Points for details.


Development teams for the above are as follows:

  1. OS2 Reflector Team
  2. OS2 Collector Tube Team
  3. OS2 Collector Feedwater Team
  4. OS2 Steam Engine Team
  5. OS2 Electronic Steam Injection Team
  6. OS2 Generator Team
  7. OS2 Steam Cycle Team
  8. OS2 Marketing Team

Prior to the Convergence, we need to have the components to be tested.

OS2 will include the synthesis of the system into a working whole, as we will watch the steam engine spin and power being generated from the generator head.