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Open Solar 2 is the Second Solar Power Generator Convergenece at Factor e Farm it was held August 1-31, 2009.

Results of the 1st Convergence are here. We learned that we want to stick with simple mirrors as a reflective surface - not films. We are pursuing simple flat slats with individual motors for OS2, which is feasible because of low cost electronic components and availability of open source logic controllers such as Arduino.


If you are a collaborator on the Open Source Solar Power Generator, sign in and describe your areas of relevant expertise.


  • Marcin Jakubowski, opensourceecology at gmail dot com, marcin_ose on Skype - Ph.D. in physics, experience in custom fabrication, digital fabrication, land stewardship, workshop, CEB construction, CEB Press, project integrator for Open Solar 2, backhoe work, tractor work, open source agroecology, open source product development, open source economics developer