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Supercooperators at OSE are people who can engage in OSE large scale development, who require no onboarding for efficient collaboration with 1000s of others in realtime, even if they haven't met any of the other team members.

Supercooperators can cooperate in any area of open hardware, or other areas of civilization reboot. Skills in open hardware collaboration are those that allow for the design of any physical artefect.

The Supercooperator Certification is a set of certifications, anywhere from 1/2 hr to multiple hour learning tasks, which OSE trains for, and upon whose attainment, individuals take on various roles and establish merit within the OSE collaborative development community. Any individual should document the certifications achieved, with work product proof, on their Work Log.

Skills required include, at the highest level:

  1. coordination of work with 1000s of others
  2. effective communication from one to 1000s of others
  3. usage of software tools while coordinating file versions
  4. using a Degenerate set of hardware tools for prototyping
  5. using a degenerate computer operating system for large scale coordination
  6. educating other team members about their line of duty for cross-training and lifelong learning purposes
  7. understanding OSPD methodology and product Taxonomy to the point of assessing development status readily for any product
  8. ability to guide more novice team members as needed
  9. technical ability to operate all the software on OSE Linux, specifically in terms of interoperability for purposes of large, real-time design where multiple software packages are used at different times in the development process
  10. Ability to reconcile CAD-BOM-Build Instructions-Videos/Animation-Enterprise Development assets for any project at any time, and to allocate effort as needed. See Collaborative Design

Specific Lessons

  • The Wiki - keeping a work log, embedding docs. Embedded content, work log, wiki edit, templates. Understanding permissions: login for wiki, external logins for other embeds. Iframes. Dashboards. The core templates for development - dev+ + enterprise.
  • Working Documents - a special case of a ubiquitously used document that leaves a 'paper trail' for collaboration. How to embed, make accessible, and use in a large-scale development process within the Dev+ template.

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