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Video Editing Software refers to any piece of software used to compose and/or modify video files.

Video Sequence Editing

A video sequence editor (or VSE) is a program designed for rearranging existing media files. Filmmakers arrange the raw footage they have collected in a VSE to produce narrative cohesion, audiovisual synchronicity, and cinematic rhythm. Many VSE's also include filters to modify the appearance of video clips, and transitions to smoothly flow between them. OpenShot is a simple VSE which user's should be able to perform basic editing tasks with in just a few hours. The 3d design suite Blender also contains a full featured integrated VSE in which actions can be automated with python. Melt is a UNIX commandline tool designed for the same sort of tasks as a VSE.

Digital Compositing

Digital compositing programs combine video and/or image files and perform algorithmic modifications to them. Filmmakers use a compositor to refine their footage aesthetically before organizing it chronologically with a VSE. ButtleOFX is an dedicated compositor application based on TuttleOFX, an open source image sequences processing framework. Blender contains a node based compositor which integrates nicely into the rest of the program. Commonly known proprietary compositing programs include Nuke and Adobe After Effects

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